Pitbull/Boxer Mutt


Artemis is a 2 year old Pitbull/Boxer mutt. She stands about 2 feet tall and weights about 50 lbs. She has short brindle colored fur with a white patch on her chest. She has dark brown eyes and has been very well trained. Loyal and loving, she became very protective of her new pack.


Artemis’s home is very scary. Master saved Artemis from bad smelling things when Artemis was a pup. Master fed and played with Artemis. Lady master even cleaned Artemis. Artemis protects master’s pack. Bad smelling things keeps chasing pack, wanting to make more bad smelling things. When the bad smelling thing bit lady master, it made master very sad. Master hid lady master and made a loud noise and went to sleep. Artemis got lonely with sleeping master. New master with new pack give Artemis yummy food. New pack play with Artemis. Artemis protect new pack even better.


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