Homer P Rexman

22 y.o. male mechanic/boxer (TOUGH)


Homer is a 22 year old highly freckled auto mechanic with dark borwn hair and quite the forboding character. He has mechanical abilities, and he can intimidate a policeman. For his weight, Homer is an accomplished boxer at 6 feet and 190 pounds, and an overall record of 22-2 with 15 KO’s. With his fast reflexes and strong fortitude, Homer is capable of taking punishing blows and still fight back.


In his early years, Homer was constantly picked on in both elementary and middle school. In the 7th grade, Homer began taking boxing at the local community center. A seventy-year-old former boxer saw Homer’s potential and determination and decided to help train the scrawny kid. Homer excelled with the discipline he found in the sport and began winning commnuity and regional bouts. His first week of high school, a junior and school stud, cornered Homer in the bathroom to “welcome” him to high school with a head-dunk in the toilet. The athelet’s friends, watching outside the bathroom, heard lots of banging, thudding, screaming, and finally a flush of the toilet only to find Homer emerge unscathed. No one picked on Homer after that.
In high school, Homer began taking automotive classes. He found that he had quite an aptitude with his hands and machinery. At age 17, Homer was on his way to the state capitol for a national-qualified match when a news story changed his life. North Korea and China had banded together and released a bio-weapon on it’s “lower” inhabitants, turning them into mindless soldiers which invaded south Korea. In a matter of days, the nation of South Korea fell and they moved in to neighboring countries, now with both Korean and American soldiers as their invading force. Within a matter of years, this disease spread across the globe and now less than one percent of the population is not infected.
Homer has joined a large group in Lubbock, Texas, that is residing in a WalMart building. He is responsible for maintaining the few working vehicles, making various modifications to ensure their survival agains the midless hords of “them.”
Now, at age 22, his life again changes as he is placed as baby-sitter to four new-comers who seem to be slightly insane. Ariving at the WalMart claiming not knowing what has happened to the world because “they were in a building,” Homer has to walk them to each meal, their daily job assignments, and back to their room, hardly having time to do his own work. With some story about meeting a doctor on the LCU campus, Homer has to take them into one of the most dangerous parts of town. Upon arrival, the midless “them” begin to close in on the group as they enter a old auto-parts building. Once inside, a bright light envelops their group and Homer finds himslef in another reality.

Homer P Rexman

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