Dale Gordon Waller

Highly athletic looking, training for Olympics in Gymnastics.


Dale is 19 years old and has been training for the Olympics for 5 years. He is a favorite in the floor exercise, parallel bars, pomel horse, and rings. He is also slightly favored over a Chinese gymnast for the over-all gold.
While at the campus health center after a slight injury, Dale became quick friends with Dr. Stone who treated him. After meeting several times outside of the health center, Dr. Stone proposed paying for Dale’s college education if Dale would agree to weekly checkups and vitamin shots to increase his stamina, strength, and endurance. Dale was assured nothing was illegal and would only help him attain his Olympic dream.
Within the first few weeks of “treatment,” Dale’s reflexes, fortitude, flexability, and speed became more attuned and increased. Dr. Stone told him it was because he was working harder and the closely monitored vitamins were helping his body function as it should.


Dale was born in Kansas but grew up in Colorado. At age 3, Dale showed remarkable balance as he wandered around his wooded home. At 4, his parents enrolled him in gymnastics where he excelled and was quickly moved into the intermediate class. Within a year, Dale was moved into the advanced class. By age 10, his parents hired private instructors in each of the men’s events. At age 14, the youngest male contestant, Dale tried out for the Olympic Games. Despite being young and physically smaller, Dale placed 18th in the nation, but the team was only comprised of the top 15. Growing even more determined, Dale has focused himself and faithfully worked his body to make him the best gymnast in the world, and he wants to prove it at the next Olympics.

Never having a love interest due to constant training, Dale is still quite handsome to most women with his physique, short brown hair, and bright green eyes. When they approach him and begin conversation, they quickly realize that Dale’s social interaction skills are greatly lacking as the conversation becomes more about him and what he wants to do. He is the basic conceded athlete.

Dale Gordon Waller

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