The Human Potential

Securing the Facility

Present: Russell, Rachel, Chris, Kevin, Lauren, Joseph

  • Completed the two weeks between arrival and the research facility takedown
  • Completed the following tasks:
    • Secured the facility (Jason, Peter)
    • Covered the windows (Homer, Peter)
    • Got the engine running (Homer)
    • Secondary roof access (Jason, Peter, Homer, Erica)
    • Repaired the car (Erica, Jason)
    • Added spikes to the driveway (Homer)
    • Set up alarms (Erica, Peter)
    • Cleaned the car (Erica, Peter)
  • Following the research facility takedown, Hailey, Lizzie, and Dale went looking for more parts and found two fabricated parts for the audio piece
  • 9 Nazi soldiers and a dog attacked home base while the other three were away
  • Jason, Peter, Homer, Erica, and Amber get the truck ready for a quick getaway when Hailey, Lizzie, and Dale



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