The Human Potential

NOTES from 6/22

Here are notes taken during our last “adventure.”

“materialize” in old car-parts building.
Several people see us and run in panic
Dr. Pete and Homer did not come through with us

We leave building and go west to LCU.
Almost there, Hailey receives two tickets from patrol-Nazi
one for no leash on Artemis and one for dressing poorly

Continuing on, we find LCU doesn’t exist. Dr. Stone contacts us on the walkie-talkie, telling us we need to get to an internet connection and he will send us info on obtaining Exotic Particles to get us home. A short time later, we run into Homer and Dr. Pete and they tell us the “arrived” in the middle of a secret SOUTH-uprising meeting. Traveling farther north, we reach 19th st and find that the loop isn’t there and that no roads are wider than three lanes.
Continuing north, we find a ladder on the side of a home and climb on the roof to get our bearings and to see what we can see. There are no tall buildings other than a few on the Tech campus. Turning west we reach Slide and head south again. Finding a clothing store, we realize we don’t have appropriate money to purchase cloths and decide against stealing any.
About three blocks north of where we entered this “world,” three Natzi patrolmen spot us. Erica(?) says that we aren’t the ones they are looking for. One (miraculously) believes her but the other two don’t. Suddenly, they are struck blind and confused; Dale tazers the one that believed Erica and falls down stunned; we run for it.
The other two give chase: one tries to take out Homer but receives a blow to the head from his bat, while the other chases Dale down the alley.
Erica(?) shoots the first Natzi and drops him just before they break into a car. Homer hot-wires it and they all jump in, heading east. Dale rounds a corner from up ahead and jumps in the back. The third Natzi jumps in the road yelling “halt.” Homer tries to scare him enough that he doesn’t get a licence plate number, but the Natzi is slow and Homer clips him. He didn’t get up. A few blocks later, we leave the blood-stained car and steal another one.
Driving a north and east, we get to 19th st. Reaching the hospital, we pull into the hospital’s parking lot to determine what to do next. We break into a few of the parked cars and get several changes of cloths and some money. We leave a short time later and drive to the school of Music on the Tech campus, but the sign reads “Texas school of Agriculture” and not Texas Tech University.
Against Erica’s wishes, we split up. Several go to the school library to research some of the differences between this world and ours while Jason stays in the car with Artemis.



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